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livescore (84)

Refugee kids in Orange County find a safe haven in soccer


Kids play soccer as part of a free Kids play soccer as part of a free "summer camp" for refugee children in Westminster run by World Relief, a resettlement agency in Garden Grove. LESLIE BERESTEIN ROJAS/KPCC

Leslie Berestein Rojas | August 4, 2017

Every Tuesday morning for the past several weeks, about two dozen girls and boys have gathered on a grassy field at a Westminster middle school to play soccer.

From a distance, it could be any summer soccer program. But draw closer and one hears the kids cheering on one another in languages like Arabic and Dari as they chase and kick the ball.

The vast majority of these kids are refugees. They came from places like Syria, Afghanistan, Iraq, Iran. Some have been in the U.S. a year or two, others only a few weeks. But all are adjusting to life in a country where President Trump’s temporary ban on refugee travel is in effect and the reception is not uniformly welcoming.

The kids range in age from 7 to 16. Some are skilled players who have been playing for years, others are relative newbies, like 13-year-old Neegina Stanikzai, who arrived from Afghanistan about 10 months ago.

For Neegina, just being on this outside field is a revelation. In Afghanistan where she grew up, she couldn't play soccer out in the open, Neegina said.

“We were playing soccer in the home, not outside, because there are bad people, and they say they will kill you. That is why we were just at home, all the time,” she said.

The weekly, part-time "soccer camp" was put together this summer by World Relief, a refugee resettlement agency with an office in nearby Garden Grove. The staff members said many of the kids they saw while on home visits with resettled families had nothing to do after school ended. Their parents couldn't afford summer programs.

"They struggle just getting groceries," said Anna Gnewuch, a World Relief intern who doubles as soccer coach. "You never know what the next day is going to be like for some of them."

A few months ago, World Relief refugee program manager Jose Serrano started a Saturday art program for kids at an apartment complex where several families live. It was a hit. They called the weekend program "Little Brushstrokes."

Then in early July, the agency expanded its program to soccer every Tuesday morning, coached by Gnewuch. Other staffers pitch in, as do volunteers. It's free for the families.

"There was a need, and that need was to provide these kids with the opportunity to simply be kids," Serrano said. "A lot of the kids came from war-torn countries, where they went to school and the next day, the school wasn't there anymore."

But on the Westminster soccer field, they can http://flashlivescore-tr.com/worldcup/tomorrow/ be kids. After dividing into two teams, some children play as others wait their turn, cheering and trying out their developing English.

Eleven-year-old Kevin Mikhail and his little brother Steven cooled off with juice boxes on the sidelines. Unlike most of the others, the brothers were born in Egypt and grew up in Kuwait, and are the children of asylum seekers. But they share a bond with the others.

"We are together as a team," said Kevin, whose family arrived in the U.S. two years ago. "We are here as brothers, as united — as brothers and sisters, you know?"

After the game, Neegina and 11-year-old Sahar Haidari, also from Afghanistan, helped translate for newcomer Zahra Rahimi, 12, who arrived from Afghanistan a month ago.

"In Afghanistan, there is too much fighting, and here there is not," Zahra said. "They want to kill people."

Neegina explained that her new friend was talking about the Taliban, the fundamentalist group that once ruled Afghanistan and continues to wage war there.

"They are killing girls and boys," Neegina said. "They don't want the girls to go to school. They hate girls, I don't know why."

The girls were also restricted when they played.

"We can’t play soccer in Afghanistan with boys," Neegina said. "We can't talk to them."

Gnewuch said there's a nickname for the team. "We call it the World Cup, just because of so many different backgrounds."

Gnewuch is realizing that for many of the children, there's more to the soccer program than just getting a chance to play outside, especially for the girls.

"Being around boys and being able to … just run around and be athletic and be strong and be tough on the field and defend themselves — they are actually able to defend themselves — that is huge," Gnewuch said.

For all the kids, too, playing soccer is part of the transition to their new everyday life below.


It ain a crime to think of trying to unwind from a crappy life

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The date of trial, the farm assets were worth just over $12 million, but the farm also had liabilities (other than the liabilities to shareholders) of just over $1 million. The net value of the farm assets, then, was about $11 million. A 1.3 per cent entitlement to the farm assets, then, was worth only approximately $145,000, not the $350,000 awarded by the judge.

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But even worse, when the show wasn being outright nasty and

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On Monday night, crowds formed around police barriers in Ferguson and faced off with officers in anticipation of the jury impending decision onwhether to indict Ferguson Police Officer Darren Wilson, who shot and killed Brown on Aug. 9. The death of the unarmed teenager sparked weeks of protest in the largely black St.

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Depending on the depth of the peel or the layers of skin

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We sought a safe harbor or simple haven. We found it in the bistro of the Raven. We shared our tuna and shrimp tacos, In the little tavern known as Poe’s. Parking in Peterborough: opening times, prices and locationsTop tips to help you savvy shoppers save an extra penny on parkingWith Christmas shopping just around the corner the last thing you want to worry about is where to park when grabbing those all important presents. Bit don’t worry, we have you covered.Peterborough has a vast array of stores inside the Queensgate Shopping Centre alongside the hustle and bustle of the shops located on streets outside.And it’s not just shoppers that enjoy what this city has to offer. Foodies can also indulge in treats at the array of restaurants in Peterborough.So if you are thinking of popping round the shops or heading out for a bite to eat, here are your parking options in Peterborough.Queensgate shopping centre parking(Image: Warren Gunn)When it comes to price and location, this car park seems like it ticks all the boxes.

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The accused also complained to the judge that police forcibly

The most important benefit of this is that the foreign cells that can grow in the body can end up being harmful. Most of these foreign cells will weaken the body’s immune system and make it harder for the body to fight off diseases. These cells may end causing some forms of cancer in a number of people.

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In court, the police sought a three day custody of Mulakkal but his lawyer opposed this, saying he had already been questioned for eight hours in Jalandhar and three consecutive days in Kerala and sought bail for him. After the police countered that they still had to collect evidence against him and that he would have to undergo several tests, including a so called potency examination the court purse replica handbags agreed to a wholesale replica designer handbags two day remand. The accused also complained to the judge that police forcibly took cheap replica handbags his blood and saliva..

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Through the time he was 19 he sexually abused myself and my younger brother. I repressed much of my memories from childhood due to this but I vividly remember the abuse. My mother took me to the University of Massachusetts sexual abuse center where I was tested for rape and attended counseling.

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To breathe, sharks must remove oxygen from the water around

Can relax on the strictness, but it is not necessary to overindulge on a daily basis. Try not to restrict yourself completely as this will lead to bingeing, which is not beneficial. For people with pre existing chronic conditions, as well as everyone else, managing your portions, eating regular meals and limiting treats to two or three times a week instead of indulging in them daily will help.

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