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livescore (84)

Refugee kids in Orange County find a safe haven in soccer


Kids play soccer as part of a free Kids play soccer as part of a free "summer camp" for refugee children in Westminster run by World Relief, a resettlement agency in Garden Grove. LESLIE BERESTEIN ROJAS/KPCC

Leslie Berestein Rojas | August 4, 2017

Every Tuesday morning for the past several weeks, about two dozen girls and boys have gathered on a grassy field at a Westminster middle school to play soccer.

From a distance, it could be any summer soccer program. But draw closer and one hears the kids cheering on one another in languages like Arabic and Dari as they chase and kick the ball.

The vast majority of these kids are refugees. They came from places like Syria, Afghanistan, Iraq, Iran. Some have been in the U.S. a year or two, others only a few weeks. But all are adjusting to life in a country where President Trump’s temporary ban on refugee travel is in effect and the reception is not uniformly welcoming.

The kids range in age from 7 to 16. Some are skilled players who have been playing for years, others are relative newbies, like 13-year-old Neegina Stanikzai, who arrived from Afghanistan about 10 months ago.

For Neegina, just being on this outside field is a revelation. In Afghanistan where she grew up, she couldn't play soccer out in the open, Neegina said.

“We were playing soccer in the home, not outside, because there are bad people, and they say they will kill you. That is why we were just at home, all the time,” she said.

The weekly, part-time "soccer camp" was put together this summer by World Relief, a refugee resettlement agency with an office in nearby Garden Grove. The staff members said many of the kids they saw while on home visits with resettled families had nothing to do after school ended. Their parents couldn't afford summer programs.

"They struggle just getting groceries," said Anna Gnewuch, a World Relief intern who doubles as soccer coach. "You never know what the next day is going to be like for some of them."

A few months ago, World Relief refugee program manager Jose Serrano started a Saturday art program for kids at an apartment complex where several families live. It was a hit. They called the weekend program "Little Brushstrokes."

Then in early July, the agency expanded its program to soccer every Tuesday morning, coached by Gnewuch. Other staffers pitch in, as do volunteers. It's free for the families.

"There was a need, and that need was to provide these kids with the opportunity to simply be kids," Serrano said. "A lot of the kids came from war-torn countries, where they went to school and the next day, the school wasn't there anymore."

But on the Westminster soccer field, they can http://flashlivescore-tr.com/worldcup/tomorrow/ be kids. After dividing into two teams, some children play as others wait their turn, cheering and trying out their developing English.

Eleven-year-old Kevin Mikhail and his little brother Steven cooled off with juice boxes on the sidelines. Unlike most of the others, the brothers were born in Egypt and grew up in Kuwait, and are the children of asylum seekers. But they share a bond with the others.

"We are together as a team," said Kevin, whose family arrived in the U.S. two years ago. "We are here as brothers, as united — as brothers and sisters, you know?"

After the game, Neegina and 11-year-old Sahar Haidari, also from Afghanistan, helped translate for newcomer Zahra Rahimi, 12, who arrived from Afghanistan a month ago.

"In Afghanistan, there is too much fighting, and here there is not," Zahra said. "They want to kill people."

Neegina explained that her new friend was talking about the Taliban, the fundamentalist group that once ruled Afghanistan and continues to wage war there.

"They are killing girls and boys," Neegina said. "They don't want the girls to go to school. They hate girls, I don't know why."

The girls were also restricted when they played.

"We can’t play soccer in Afghanistan with boys," Neegina said. "We can't talk to them."

Gnewuch said there's a nickname for the team. "We call it the World Cup, just because of so many different backgrounds."

Gnewuch is realizing that for many of the children, there's more to the soccer program than just getting a chance to play outside, especially for the girls.

"Being around boys and being able to … just run around and be athletic and be strong and be tough on the field and defend themselves — they are actually able to defend themselves — that is huge," Gnewuch said.

For all the kids, too, playing soccer is part of the transition to their new everyday life below.


The side that imposes a greater cost of disagreement on the

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People started to realize that terrorist act planning tends to

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But even worse, when the show wasn being outright nasty and

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On Monday night, crowds formed around police barriers in Ferguson and faced off with officers in anticipation of the jury impending decision onwhether to indict Ferguson Police Officer Darren Wilson, who shot and killed Brown on Aug. 9. The death of the unarmed teenager sparked weeks of protest in the largely black St.

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Or at least, you are only ever as cold hermes belt replica as

Re: why not just stay FWB: he started to crave a more serious relationship. We discussed and realized that with our history, no new partner would be ok with us remaining as close as we are, and that would probably be the end of us both as friends or anything more. Neither of us were really ready to say our goodbyes since we become such a huge part of each other the past year or so..

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The book depicts a brotherhood of intellectuals

Academic Writing”In his 1943 novel The Glass Bead Game, Herman Hesse anticipated the sort of world traditional humanists want and its failure. The book depicts a brotherhood of intellectuals, artists, and humanists who live a life of splendid isolation, dedicated to the Great Tradition, its wisdom and its beauty. But the hero, the most accomplished Master of the Brotherhood, decides in the end to return to polluted, vulgar, turbulent, strife torn, money grubbing reality for his values are cheap jordans in china only fool’s gold unless cheap air force they have a relevance to the world.”As a first generation college student whose first language is not English (and whose thrifty immigrant parents refused to pay for his college education unless it served some practical end), I know how writing for the academy can be as painful and alienating as emigration.

When my sister had her golden birthday, She got Tickets to go see Taylor Swift in concert. So if your looking for something to cheap nike shoes get someone for their golden birthday, look into things they enjoy and get them something a little more expensive then you would get them for their birthday. If they are into computers, maybe a new computer.

The gang opened fire and Det Sgt Ben Leeson was shot in the chest. “The only way to get him to hospital was across a roof,” explains Dick. “Wensley supervised his evacuation and remained on the roof until the stretcher party was clear, while he cheap high quality jordans was pinned down by a hail of bullets.”.

It has a sensitivity of 1/100th of a nanoTesla. So, ESA and Rosetta came prepared. The magnetometer candetect a very minute field if it there. The real answer is a bit more complicated than you are making it out to be. The meaning of words change over time, this is called semantic shift. The first example at the super cheap jordans wikipedia entry for buy cheap jordans this topic gives a pretty good explanation.

Bush, there was reason to fear the worst. Yet under Senate questioning during his confirmation hearings, cheap adidas Barr said, “I’m not going to go cheap jordans 20 after companies that have relied on the Cole Memorandum.” Barr made clear he’s not personally a fan of legalization. “I think it’s a mistake to real retros for cheap back off marijuana.

Support levels indicate the demand and the resistance levels indicate the supply. Support and resistance levels are characterized by the periods in which trading moves within a confined range indicating the deadlock of supply and demand. When a breakout comes either supply forces dictate the market or demand forces dictate the market.

Apple iPhone smartphone was launched in June 2007. The phone comes with a 3.50 inch display with a resolution of 320 cheap jordans for sale pixels by 480 pixels. The phone packs 4GB of internal storage that cannot be cheap jordans shoes cheap jordans for kids expanded. “We had very little time in which to get out this argued Dirksen. “And some senators weren’t always available when we wanted to hold meetings. However, I am sure that all members of cheap jordan sneakers the Senate appropriations cpmmittee, Democrats as well as Republicans, have had plenty of opportunity to express themselves.” cheap real jordans free shipping At another time, Barkley object ed to cheap jordans https://www.newapplemalls.com under 20 dollars being shut off by GOP Hep.

It is widely believed that Mary Shelly’s Frankenstein was cheap jordans big sizes actually written on sort of a dare. To entertain themselves, they began talking, telling each other stories. The dare comes about when Lord Byron challenged the members of the group to see who could create a supernatural tale.

Bathe normally. 6. The cheap Air max shoes Sonovac will automatically go off after three minutes unless you activate the “Manual off” over ride switch by flipping it cheap yeezys up. I pitched most cheap jordans on sale of it the framed Rolling Stone cover of Sting that an old cheap jordans sale boyfriend gave me. The tiny plastic purse cheap Air max shoes my parents brought home from Expo 67 in Montreal. And the stack of psychology textbooks from my undergrad days.

This week, I staining lots of paper in front of a best cheap jordans website video camera in preparation for the upcoming Botanical where to find cheap jordans Sketchbook Painting course. The best part is the fact that you never get the same result twice each sheet is uniquely smudged and pocked, each with its own rustic beauty. The second best part is the fact that well someone has to drink all that leftover coffee..

Has a tragic backstory. I see a man that has evolved through this life in a way nobody I’ve ever met has. A warrior. Well, it depends. Do you mean a little model shopping centre or a real one? I take it you mean a real one. But anyway, you need to plan everything out first and i mean everything! The name of the shop, the cheap jordans basketball shoes products sold there, the money, finance, EVERYTHING.

Variations are the same as the previous game. Identities are usually celebrities (eg actors), well known individuals (eg politicians) or people in the same room or family/friend circle. The game normally doesn’t venture into animal, vegetable or mineral identities though cartoon characters, animal actors or significant landmarks are possible selections1.