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She has penned video scripts

Their message hasn’t escaped Lamin Jarju, a refugee from Gambia quoted by The Washington Post’s Michael Birnbaum in a March article about an Italian town celebrating its success at expelling migrants. “They’re talking very badly about immigrants, and they say that if they win, a lot of things will change for us,” Jarju said. “They’re using immigrants to win more votes.”.

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You don’t have to release them in Wichita or Akron or Fifth

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You may live in constant fear of where and when the bully will strike next, what they do, and how far they go.Physical bullying includes hitting, kicking, or pushing you (or even just threatening to do so), as well as stealing, hiding, or ruining your things, and hazing, harassment, or humiliation.Verbal bullying includes name calling, teasing, taunting, insulting, or otherwise verbally abusing you.Relationship bullying includes refusing to talk to you, excluding you from groups or activities, spreading lies or rumors about you, making you do things you don want to do.Boys frequently bully using physical threats and actions, while girls are more likely to engage in verbal or relationship bullying.What is cyberbullying?Cyberbullying occurs when someone uses digital technology, such as the Internet, emails, text messages, or social media, to harass, threaten, or humiliate you. Unlike traditional bullying, cyberbullying doesn require face to face contact and isn limited to just a handful of witnesses at a time. It also doesn require physical power or strength in numbers.Cyberbullies come in all shapes and sizes almost anyone with an Internet connection or mobile phone can cyberbully someone else, often without having to reveal their true identity.Cyberbullies can torment you 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and the bullying can follow you anywhere so that no place, not even home, ever feels safe.

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